/   February 13, 2021

2202 N Young Blvd. – Abe Mendolwitz – abe.m@explainervideoguys.com

Meet Abe, Meet Mike, Meet Tim.

We used to be commissioned salesmen – but grew frustrated with lengthy pitch meetings which wouldn’t convert, we needed an automated elevator pitch to get our foot in the door… then we fell in love with production.

Sometimes all a potential client needs is a 30-60s explainer video to generate that “aha!” moment.

Create totally unique elevator pitches that engage your target clientele and introduce key information so they are eager to work with you.

Invest in your lead generation and simplify your business pitch.

My personal email is Abe@explainervideoguys.com
A small sampling of our videos can be found on our website http://www.explainervideoguys.com/

First Name: Abe Mendolwitz
Last Name: Abe Mendolwitz
Email: abe.m@explainervideoguys.com
Principal or Broker:
Date: 13 February, 2021

Property: 2202 N Young Blvd.

Abe Mendolwitz Abe Mendolwitz has agreed to the confidentiality agreement.

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